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Contact us! If you have an approved Home Study we will help you submit it to the child’s agency of care. Remember there are many factors that go into selecting a forever family. There may be dozens if not hundreds of other families hoping to adopt the same child or sibling group. Please be patient.

If you are just beginning your adoption journey, we will help get you in touch with a local agency. – See adoption process

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Is it expensive to adopt?

NO! Foster care adoption if free (or minimal fee), health care is covered and in some states so is college!

Am I too old to adopt?

In most cases, NO! Empty nesters and retirees are highly encouraged to apply.

How long does the process take?

Generally you can be approved to adopt in approximately 6 – 8 months. Then the matching process begins!

Why are children in foster care?

Children are in foster care because they have suffered abuse, neglect, abandonment or the loss of their parents.

Who are the children in care?

Most children who are available for adoption are over the age of 8 or are available for adoption with siblings.

Who can adopt?

Most states allow couples, single parents, gay/lesbian parents to adopt from foster care.

Step 1 – Contact us! Let us know where you live. We will help you locate your local foster care and adoption agency.

Step 2 – Your local agency will invite you to an open-house or adoption orientation. Here you will learn about the becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

Step 3 – MAPP or PRIDE classes are next. All families interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents must take these classes. They go by different names in different areas but are generally the same. The Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting (MAPP) or Parent’s Resources for Information Development Education (PRIDE) are 30 hours of training which prepare you for your foster/adoptive journey.


Each year approximately 24,000 American teenagers turn 18 in foster care and head out into the world alone. Still in high school, they must find a job, a place to live and transportation. Forever Family has made the plight of these ‘aging out’ youth a priority and is working to change the way these young people are viewed and supported.

National studies show that within 2-4 years of leaving foster care at age 18:

  • 51% were unemployed
  • 40% were homeless
  • 40% were receiving public assistance or incarcerated
  • 84% became parents
  • 46% did not finish high school
  • 40% experienced drug or alcohol abuse


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