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Meet Jordan: His brother is helping him find a forever family.
A Forever Family story like no other - someone very special is helping young Jordan find a home: his big brother! You see, Jordan's three brothers have already found adoptive families, while he is still waiting. However, with so many wonderful qualities, his brother's unconditional support, and all ...
Meet Bethany: A teen ready to follow her dreams and help others but looking for a family.
Now our Forever Family segment of the week, in my opinion, she's one of the smartest kids I've ever met! Bethany is a girl who is still so young... and already she is an inspiration to everyone around her. Bethany has overcome so much on her own, now she's ready to follow her big dream to continue t...
Meet Josh: An athletic bright teen looking to be loved and adopted.
When we met Josh he told us how he plays defensive line and full back, but to his brothers and friends we think he is like the quarterback! He simply is a natural born leader, Josh is both charming and athletic - a young man who desperately needs a family too cheer him on on and off the field! Here'...
Meet Adrianna: A teen with an energy and smile to light up a room.
Even though it was raining on the day we met her, Adrianna always makes you feel like the sun is shinning! She's a well rounded child, with a sense of humor and an incredible attitude towards life who desperately longs to have a Forever Family so she can share her positivism and enthusiasm with them...
Meet Haley: A young lady who has not lost hope of finding her forever family.
Haley's dream is to open a daycare so she can take care of little children when she grows up. For now, as she told our own FOX 8 News Jasmine Spencer, she still believes she can find a family, any family as long as they can love her forever.To learn more visit www.foreverfamily.org
Meet Kaylah: She is looking for a forever family where she can stay in touch with her older sisters.
When you're in foster care, sometimes siblings must be split-up; and while sweet and loving Kaylah is looking for a home to just adopt her, she has with her older twin sisters Kallyah and Desire. She is looking for a loving Forever Family that will allow her to stay in touch after she gets adopted. ...
Meet Micah. He is a young teen who needs a family to accept him and love him.
Micah is a kind, young person who cares for others, and has not given up on looking for a family that will accept him and love him for who he is. To learn more visit www.foreverfamily.org
Meet William- a young man who lights up the room.
William not only likes sunshine, he IS sunshine! He has an incredible smile! He loves basketball and was so happy to meet everyone and do any activity at our video shoot. ,Whoever adopts him, is going to have a blast, that's for sure. Eric Thomas shares his story. To learn more visit www.foreverfam...
Meet Robert. He loves to play football and hopes to be an architect when he grows up.
WBTV's Eric Thomas shares Robert's story with us. Robert is a vibrant young teen, hoping to be drafted in the NFL when he grows up and to be an architect. To learn more visit www.foreverfamily.org
Meet Kaylah: Looking for her Forever Family.
Kalyah has a strong bond with her older twin sisters Kalyah and Desire, that is why she is looking for a loving Forever Family that will allow her to keep that strong connection after she gets adopted.To learn more visit www.foreverfamily.org
Meet Bethany-Looking for her Forever Family.
Bethany is a girl who is still so young and already an inspiration to everyone around her. Bethany has overcome so much on her own now she's ready to follow her big dream to continue to help others with the support of a family by her side. To learn more visit www.foreverfamily.org
Meet Ahngel. He loves to dress up and wear his million dollar smile!
Ahngel has big dreams and wants to be a state trooper when he grows up. He is looking for a nurturing family to call his own. To learn more visit www.foreverfamily.org
Micah is a unique young man looking for a family to love him.
Meet Micah! He is a kind young person, cares for others, and has not given up on looking for a family that will accept him and love him for who he is. Here's his story...To learn more visit www.foreverfamily.org
Chris in search of someone who loves him, someone to stay with for a lifetime
13 year old Chris is a kind hearted, funny, outgoing young man who cares deeply about others. He enjoys football, swimming, horseback riding, video games, card games, and art. He hopes to attend college and study criminal law. Let's help this sweet teen find the family he deserves! To learn more ...
Danielle can't imagine going anywhere without twin brother, let's find them a Forever Family!
Danielle is a kind, creative, smart young girl who loves using her imagination. She has a big heart, cares a lot for her friends and family, especially her twin brother. Her desire to become an oncologist stems from the close relationship she shared with her grandmother, who lost her battle to can...
15 year old Daysha searching for a family that will not give up on her
Daysha is a bubbly, outgoing teen who loves animals and volunteering, gymnastics, soccer, and singing. She is a beautiful writer who shines in all areas of her life. Daysha is searching for a family who will stick by her side and help her fulfill her dreams of traveling and becoming a veterinarian...
UPDATE: Darin has found his Forever Family. Danielle is still looking for a family.
12 year old Daren is a smart, ambitious, active young man who enjoys spending time with his friends, learning in school, and playing basketball. He is a very serious athlete and aspiring Olympian. His favorite subjects are Math and Spanish - the first of many languages he hopes to learn. Darin is...
3rd grader Makiyah looking for Mom & Dad or Mom to be her "person"
Makiyah is a smart, brave, loving little girl who pushes herself to try new things, even when they are out of her comfort zone. She enjoys Math and PE, she loves exercise and gymnastics. Makiyah is an aspiring hair stylist. She is looking for a forever family that will shower her with love and hu...
Big sister Ja'Niya isn't afraid to try new things - let's find them their Forever Family
9 year old Ja' Niya is a free-spirited little girl who enjoys reading, and doing well in school. Ja'Niya is looking for a family who will adopt her along with little sister Sha'Niya, age 6. These two girls need a loving, stable home with a family that would give them a chance to thrive and grow up ...
Shania has a lot of love to offer a family
Shaniah is a compassionate, loving young lady who enjoys being around peers, playing games, listening to music, and singing. She describes herself as a nice, kind, funny girl who enjoys helping others. Her favorite subjects at school are Math and Science. She hopes to one day travel abroad,but firs...
Animal lover William looking for a Forever Family
William is a sweet, funny little boy who enjoys reading, playing games, and sports! His dreams for the future include becoming a teacher and living on a farm surrounded by animals! William is looking for a family that will help him excel ( both at school and on the field). To learn more visit www....
Meet Shekinah - this sweet girly girl is looking for her Forever Family
12 year old Shekinah is a sweet, fun, girly girl. She loves all things pink and hello kitty. At school, Shekinah enjoys Science, Math, and Social Studies. She also enjoys dancing and playing Basketball and volleyball. She is looking for parents who will treat her well, interact with her, and m...
12 y/o Damon is waiting in Foster Care for a Forever Family
Damon is a sweet, well mannered boy. He enjoys reading, playing with friends, building things with legos, and listening to Christian music - he finds it comforting and encouraging. He hopes to one day become a fireman to keep others from harms way. Let's help Damon find a forever family that is t...
Malachi looking for family to provide love and guidance (preferably one that has pets!)
This personable, outgoing, artistic 14 year old loves math, drawing and playing games and sports. He has a heart for helping others and is currently working towards being a lifeguard at the local pool. He is hoping to be adopted by a family that enjoys spending time with him. To learn more visit ...

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